Thursday, September 28, 2006

America's Next Top Model and Project Runway

Wednesday night has been dubbed the "big, bad, night of fashion" at my house. With "America's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway" we love both shows.

Last night, (sorry for the delay) both had some of the best episodes EVER. On ATNM, we learn that Monique is a true bitch because she lost a challenge. We also see that Anchal is ghetto fabulous and basically shows Monique that if she doesn't start any "sh", there won't be any "it."

We also see that haircuts and dye jobs can be traumatic for many people apparently. Jada loses it as her precious locks are cut. She gets this super cute Halle Berry style cut but doesn't see it. Monique cries because no one has ever seen her without her weave. (Another Web site has deemed her Menique, but I'm going to call her the Bitchiest of Then All and call it a day.)

In the end, we learn that Megan can't cut it when a bunch of weave that moves (not kidding here) and gets "lost" in photos. It's sad too because she had such a compelling story about her mom saving her during a plane crash. I also love how they tossed in that she was a lesbian, much like Kim was two seasons ago.
What I totally hated was: The twins being in the same name card. They are TWO people, people, let them have separate ones. And I really, really hate the new opening with Tyra. ICK!

Project Runway

Michael Knight is my secret TV boyfriend. Last night, I was worried about my secret TV boyfriend. This week's challenge was having the designers create their own design for the opening of Elle magazine. This freaked everyone out because each of the designers took a different approach.

But first, let's boo Uli for STEALING Nazri from Michael!!!! They had perfect chemistry and she took it. And apparently some mojo wore off since she won the challenge. She did the same print dress as usual, but this time she made it short. YAWN!

Laura did what she does (YAWN). And Jeffery did something different but it didn't work. And Michael's design sucked. I think Nina truly saved his ass.

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