Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Oprah factor

So I've just got finished watching the second day of the Premiere week of Oprah Winfrey's 21st season.

Oprah has in two days took me through a lot of emotions, she made me laugh and then took me to anger. She had me beaming with pride and then had me wondering what the heck was she doing.

The first day was Oprah and Gail's roadtrip across the country. It was hysterical. Oprah has fully embraced the whole celebrity thing to the T. She went to Las Vegas and was treated like a "normal" person who had the troubles of checking and getting lost and stuck in traffic. She snapped at Gail alot because Gail made the unreasonable request of listening to music while driving.

It appears Oprah is a diva in her own mind and she likes things HER way or no way at all.

On the second day, Oprah had me beaming with pride because she questioned former Governor Jim McGreevy about his whole coming out process and she left no stone unturned ranging from how he told his wife, to why did he marry the woman in the first place.

It's moments like this where she shines as a journalist. (Some may argue that she's morphed into television personality status but she DOES display those interviewing/journalism skills when needed.

Deal or No Deal

I admit I am hooked on this show. It's like one of the most simple shows ever, but I so enjoy it. For those who are not familiar, basically you pick a suitcase and pray you have the top amount. Then you pick other suitcases to eliminate other amounts off this board. Then there's the Banker. He tries to buy back your case for a lesser amount to get you out the game.

So far this week, folks have won $675,000 and $701,000. Me, I'm wondering where do I sign up?

The 10 p.m. hour

Is it me, or are there too many good shows on at 10 p.m.??? Tonight, I'm faced with watching "Law & Order:SVU" and "Nip/Tuck". Luckily, I have the power of the DVR but some folks don't so choices will have to be made. I also have to decide which do I watch "live" and what do I watch the next day.

"Nip/Tuck" is so magically delicious, so I'm all about it. SVU might have to wait a day. In fact, now that I think about it, 10 p.m. is going to be busy every night: Mondays : Studio 60, Tuesday SVU and Nip/Tuck, Wednesday Project Runway, Thursday: Six Degrees, Friday, Law & Order, Sunday: Brothers & Sisters. (You'll note, I left Saturday off because Saturdays is now a wasteland. If I were some network, I'd take a risk and put some really good family programming that night, but that's just me.)

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