Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Amazing Race: What a twist!

There's a reason "The Amazing Race" has won so many Emmys. It's just that good.
Sure they've stumbled in the past (Family Edition) anyone and early in its run, it was almost cancelled a few times, but I think it's gotten better.

This season, we have some interesting teams: The Muslims, the models, the Alabama women, the Beauty Queens, the folks from Kentucky, the triathletes, the Cheerleaders, dad and daughter, the gay guys, married couple and the Indian married couple, the Asian brothers.

They all got off to a good start but Phil Keogan dropped a bombshell early. He said that this game would be different and it was.

At the end of the first leg, the Muslim team was eliminated! Everyone was shocked beyond measure, and if this is the way the game is going to go, then we have another exciting season ahead.

My favorites so far appear to be the Indian married couple because they look to be having a good time. I'm liking the cheerleaders too. The dad and daughter couple appear to be interesteing. You can tell he still has issues with her being a lesbian. I'm digging the couple from Kentucky as well. People are going to underestimate them. The women from Alabama are getting on my nerves. They bitch and moan a little too much for me.

I don't like the fighting couple they will be on my nerves really quick. The gay couple appears to be a bit snotty. But we'll see...

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