Sunday, September 17, 2006

So long WB....

This afternoon, the WB will be rerunning some of the shows that put them on the map. I will miss the station because for a while, it was a huge part of my life. "Buffy, ""Felicity," "Angel,""Charmed" and even "Dawson's Creek" were all a part of my regular TV viewing. I stuck with Buffy, Felicty and the women of "Charmed" until the bitter end.

We had some good times. Buffy in particular was MY show. I remember watching it from the first episode and only missed ONE episode in the entire run. I always wished I could be part of the Scoobies but then realized I was by being a loyal viewer.

Felicity captured my attention because of the whole exploring college and finding yourself. While the last season was not so good, the first three years rocked.

Charmed was great in the beginning, then jumped the shark when Shannen was fired. It then picked up steam and really lost it. Last season, should have been the LAST season.

Angel held my interest but I came and went with that show. When it was good, it was awesome. Dawson was my secret TV boyfriend for a while but then when they moved to college, I left them alone. And the last episode was a huge disappointment.

With that, let's hope the CW can build shows that have such fond memories like these.

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