Wednesday, September 20, 2006

America's Next Top Model

My God I LOVE this show!!!! The gang is back! Tyra and her chic/ghetto fabulousness. Miss Jay and her diva/wackiness and Mr. Jay who I know his hair is going to fall out because he bleaches it sooo much.

The new girls are going to be the ultimate drama queens. I was sad that my homegirl from Columbia, S.C. was kicked off the show. I know she was better than that old, ass Melrose girl.

I am sick of all the black women being edited to look like byotches though. I loved Jade last season but sense a bloody bitch battle going to happen between Eugenia/Monique really soon.

I love Anchal the Indian woman and Becky the blond. The twins annoy me because they don't act like individuals. I pray it isn't a battle of the twins at the end.

I think my new favorite phrase this season is going to be "work it out" because Tyra says it all the time!

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