Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm sorry to tell've been eliminated

I'm going to come clean on a secret. I HATE to travel. When I go on trips, I cannot wait to return home to my couch, my bed, my belongings.

With "The Amazing Race" I get to to travel without leaving the comfort of my home.

On tonight's episode the Racers spent time in Africa and I was spellbound at the wonder and beauty of the land. From the majestic mountains to the wonders of the plains, Africa spoke to me.

But back to the show, Uchenna and Joyce were marked for elimination and I have to say, I was worried for them. I shouldn't have been because of the wonders of the Race, they were safe with time to spare.

My friends and I have one nit with this show. TOO MUCH BUNCHING. What that means is that a team could have a massive lead (on tonight's show, some teams were ahead by 12 hours) and if a plane doesn't leave or a place not open, then they have to wait and usually the other teams can catch up.

Teri and Ian got elimated due to this. They were hit with a BUNCH of bad luck and they and Team Guido just couldn't catch up.

Next week, it'll be TWO whole hours. Thank goodness "Desperate Housewives" is in reruns so I can watch in peace!

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