Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Logo a letdown?

Almost two years ago, a new channel debuted on cable that was designed for GLBT community. It was to be called Logo and a lot of hope spread throughout the land.

Now, the only thing that exists is a bunch of disappointment. I've watched of and on for a while and was glad when they had original programming such as "Noah's Arc" and "Open Bar." But now, the ship has sailed for "Noah" (supposedly they are going to do a direct to theater movie and maybe a special or two).

We are subjected to endless showings of "Trick," "Tales of the City" and other bad or old gay movies.

I'm saddened by this because Logo is owned by CBS who has a TON of money to produce shows like "CSI" and they can't spare a few thou to invest in Logo?

Tonight I tried to watch for an hour and other than an interesting half hour about gays and lesbians and investment, there wasn't anything worth watching.

I would love if we had original stuff like made for TV movies or more documentaries about what it means to be gay and lesbian in the world in 2007. One could argue that something is better than nothing but when that something doesn't add up to much, then nothing IS better.

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Jumpthesnark said...

You're so right - LOGO is indeed a letdown. The one thing I've found that I even partway enjoy is the music videos.

And even they're repetitive. But then, most music vid shows are, unless you only tune in once every two months.

LOGO had such promise, but how many times can I watch a QAF repeat, or "Desert Hearts?" Answer: none.