Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why do we trust America to vote? Seriously.

I just got finished watching tonight's episode of "American Idol" and shock doesn't EVEN begin to describe what I'm feeling.

First a disclaimer, I haven't watched for the last two seasons because of what I considered bad voting and shenanigans of the producers of the show. But I was coerced back in and so I'm hooked for the season. Tonight two of the worst singers FINALLY got the boot!

But that's not the shocking part. Jared and Sabrina - who both CAN sing- got cut. I'm floored. Jared is a super hottie but unfortunately I fear was tooo cheezy for America. Sabrina was robbed. Plain and simple ROBBED. I think when Simon said out loud that he thought another contestant should go that it was the undoing of Sabrina because this girl (cough, cough Haley) was saved.

The tragedy of this is that the Top 12 singers get to go on tour when the season ends, gets paid and gets to build a fan base. I hope that Timbaland, Brian McKnight, Missy Elliot or SOMEBODY was watching so that her career can be saved.

What is AMERICA thinking????!!!!

Are you watching "America's Next Top Model?"
If not you are really missing some of the BEST hours on TV. For real tho. This week, we went back to school and were treated to Tyra's interpretation of Rhoda Morgenstern. Her stylist needs to be fired. Who wears headwraps in 2007? Seriously, she looks like she's ready to go work for "Have A Nice Day Cafe."

The right girl got cut this week, (So long Samantha) but I'm worried for the season. NONE of these girls seem to have that IT factor. And I like they have plus sized models but both of those girls need to step up their game.

My show is boring.
What's going on with "24?" This was the most boring episode of the season. I think the writing staff is taking a break and the interns have taken over. While it's OK, but to me it's not up the normal quality of the show. I guess after having bombs go off and folks tortured with drills, it's kinda hard to top that.

I miss Veronica
This week the search for the next Pussycat Doll aired. I admit, I watched for about 5 whole minutes. I couldn't take it anymore. Sadly, people stayed for the whole show because it scored like gangbusters. I fear for "Veronica" Plus today I read on the TV Guide website that Piz is being courted for the "Grey's"spinoff. Unless he's getting written off, it's NOT a great sign.

I (heart) Heroes.
IcannotbelievetheyaregoingtomakeuswaituntilAPRIL!!! (I know it's one word, but that was the sentiment that was expressed by me and my fellow Heroes watchers. "Lost" should really work to hire some of their writers because they have stolen the good juju from them. I watched "Lost" last night and was bored silly. I'm thisclose to giving up on that show for good.

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