Friday, March 23, 2007

Why is Friday night such a wasteland on TV?

So it's Friday night and because I'm kinda broke these days, I opted NOT to have a fabulous night out. I turned on the tube hoping to find something, anything to watch.

The best I could do is "Identity" where we saw Mary Lou Retton, one of the Boyz II Men, Billy Blanks and Craig from Craigslist. And VH1's "Top 40 Internet Stars." (yep, it was that sad!)

I posted previously about why I think programmers have given up on Saturday nights but is there really a reason why Friday is so bad?

It was just a few years ago when "Law & Order: SVU" was Friday night appointment TV. I didn't go out until I saw "Dick Wolf" on the credits. Now there's nothing. NO-THING.

I'm wondering if it's the Netflix factor where people rent movies or go out to movies and so the networks have given up.

I'm sure if there were fresh and original programming folks *might* stay home and tune in. Shows like "Lost" might work on this night. It's no secret that folks are bailing on this show because the lateness of the hour and the frustration but imagine if it aired at 8 p.m. Bars might hold "Get Lost" happy hours if a drinking game could be established (PSA here, drink responsibly).

Heck, it's worth a shot!


longklaw said...

Wow! I remember watching SVU every Friday night early in the show's history.

I think Friday night is so bad for TV because the 18-34 year olds aren't usually watching TV that night. I'm 28 and when I was younger I would go out on Friday nights. Now I'm home but it's usually a movie night. I guess if better stuff was on TV I would watch it.

Jumpthesnark said...

Hmm.. a LOST drinking game, you say? I like the idea.

Every time Jin calls the people from the tail section "da uddahs," drink a shot.

Every time Locke says something quasi-mystical that indicates he's basically divorced from reality, drink a shot.

Every time Charlie says or does something that disappoints and angers Claire, drink a shot.

Every time Hurley calls someone, "dude," drink a shot.

Every time Sawyer comes up with another wiseass nickname, drink a shot.

No one should be able to drive home after this.