Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Diamonds are two girls' best friend: Chuck the recap!

photo from NBC.com

"Chuck" keeps improving by the episode. This episode an old "friendenemy" of Sarah's drops by. She wants Sarah and Casey to help her steal a diamond. But before we get to that point, we're are at Chuck's house where Ellie, Morgan, Captain Awesome (I wonder if we'll ever learn his real name?) are playing a game.

Morgan apparently has his B.A. in Chuck because he knows things about Chuck that only a girlfriend show know. (It's obvious that he has a mancrush on old dude).

Sarah goes to her posh apartment when Katrina comes a calling and after a fight, Sarah beats her down and Katrina tells her what she wants.

Hijinks ensue after they manage to steal the diamond and leave Chuck and Sarah out to dry but not before he puts doubts in Chuck's mind about Sarah.

Katrina manages to slip Morgan the diamond and Chuck finds it. He and Katrina team up to save Sarah and all is well. But it's the last scene where we see the Chuck/Sarah magic. Chuck wants to know one thing about Sarah that's real and it's clear that it pains her not to be able to share her secrets with Chuck. After he leaves to get some napkins, she whispers that her middle name is "Lisa." AWWWWW!

Episode grade: B+

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Mrs. Wong said...

Chuck is our family show! The boys start yelling for Chuck when I click around to other channels during a commercial; I have to explain "it's commercial time. Chuck will be back!"
Today we were at Costco (getting the Transformers DVD gift pack) and as I was picking up our snacks at the food court, a group of 5 or 6 Best Buy employees lined up to order...I whispered to hubby: "the Buy More guys are here for lunch."