Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Because this waits for no man!": Desperate Housewives, the recap

"Desperate Housewives" were on point again! It's the perfect mix of drama and humor. What I loved: Bree accidentally sending Susan to an OB-GYN in a bad neighborhood. The charades party! Gaby and Carlos!

Bree and Gaby prying into Katherine's business. Edie "accidentally" announcing their engagement. Susan confronting Bree about the the doctor.

Gabby flirting with Adam at the party. Adam apparently is a cheat and Katherine's keeping him on a short leash. Lynette stoned out of her mind.

Julie the lockpicker! Dylan and Julie sneaking into the locked room. and Carlos hiring an accountant instead of a hitman.

We start off with Bree filling the girls in on what she overheard last episode and everyone trying to avoid another one of Susan's boring parties, but when Bree says that Katherine may be there, everyone decides to go,

Lynette's mom takes things into her own hands and hires Andrew to buy pot for Bree and then makes the into brownies. (Yay for them remembering that Tom and Lynette have kids including Tom's daughter Kayla whom we haven't seen in forever).

Gaby and Carlos are still sneaking around but she's fed up and Carlos begs for a few weeks so he can dump Edie. Edie takes it upon herself to announce that she and Carlos are engaged much to Gaby's dismay.

Susan asks for Bree's OB-GYN and is sent to a seedy area. Katherine acosts Gaby when she spilled her wine on him. During the party Orson has to take a call where he learns that Danielle is having complications with her pregnancy which complicates things for him and Bree who's been faking her pregnancy.

And we get more progression on the secret that Katherine's been holding.

Episode grad: B+

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