Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm not a Mode girl: Ugly Betty, the recap

I love, love, love the magic that is "Ugly Betty" for the first time I chose to watch "Betty" live and DVR "Survivor." I think a lot of people are doing the same because this show is funny and on-point. It's the perfect mix of drama and humor.

The theme of last night's episode was: There's shades of grey in everything. Everyone at Mode was abuzz about the upcoming "Black and White Ball."

We start out with Betty and a drunk-on-wine-coolers Henry who talk about being together. Betty says she can wait until they find out the paternity of the baby and Henry agrees.

At Mode, Wilhemina and Marc talk about the delay of the wedding. Willie sounds defeated and Marc grabs her and tells her not to go down without a fight and to tell amnesiac Alexis what's going on.

Betty is telling Christina what happened with Henry when the sandwich guy comes by. (Note: Didn't Betty bring her lunch last season? What happened to the Mode cafe?). It turns out the sandwich guy (played by "Six Feet Under's" Freddie Rodriguez) is a sandwich maestro. He and Betty have a back and forth and then he leaves. Betty complains to Daniel who promptly gets him fired.

Marc and Amanda want to use the Black and White Ball as Amanda's big debut as Fey's daughter. Last week's plotline about Bradford maybe being her father was dropped (thankfully) because of the ick factor of Amanda and Daniel sleeping together.

Justin is dealing with his dad's death and gets the bright idea to ask Daniel (who's in a wheelchair) to help him learn.( I'm sensing a funny montage of errors at this point.)

Betty then catches up with the sandwich guy and gets him his job back. He doesn't want it and says he needs to work on his five-year plan. She hires him to go to N.J. to pick up a wheelchair that Daniel wanted. Along the way the two talk about their future and try to sing with Toni Braxton's "Un-Break My Heart." He points out to Betty that she is wasting time and needs to focus more on her future and less on Daniel's.

Meanwhile, Claire Meade, who's on the lam since killing Fey Summers and Yoga make a plan to crash the ball. She wants Bradford back and decides this would be the perfect opportunity. Yoga obviously has a thing for Claire so she's not to happy about it.

At the hospital, Willie talks to Alexis and shows her an album that says BFF Forever. (Hy-ster-ical). It shows them marking in the gay pride parade, shopping, and sqaure dancing(???) Alexis gives her approval for the wedding and Willie is happy.

In Mexico, Papa Suarez faces off against the man he thought he killed- his wife's first husband. It turns out he survived the beating and wants flan. After the flan is made, he wants Papa Suarez killed. Thankfully, he's not.

On the basketball court, poor Justin is dribbling with two hands and playing bullets and bracelets with the basketball. Daniel get so frustrated that he gets up out the chair and makes a shot. Justin is stunned and Daniel explains he's trying to get "close" to the physical therapist. Justin agrees to keep it a secret until Hilda sees it on his phone. She tells Betty and Betty is ticked. Why? Because she had to go over to N.J. to get a wheel chair from a salesman (the actor played Edgar on "24" two seasons ago).

At the Ball, Amanda fails to make a splash until Marc steps on her gown and she's nude. Claire finds Bradford and begs him to run away with her but he refuses and wishes her well. Willie sees them and announces that the wedding is back on and Claire slinks away.

One of the things I love about this show is the fact that there's some reality basis to it. This week Kenneth Cole makes an appearance and is hysterical.

The show ends with Betty and Henry reconnecting but there might be a new guy on the horizon: The sandwich guy.


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