Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Adults are talking: Bionic Woman


I had almost given up hope but then they gave us this episode. Katee Sackoff is the best and to be honest they should have cast HER as the "Bionic Woman."

She's much better than Michelle Ryan.

This week, we had Jamie actually go out on assignment for the NOT OSI and do a pretty good job. She had to protect this spoiled Canadian girl but that part was boring.

The exciting stuff was with Sarah Corbin who's a much more interesting character and it turns out that Sarah's bionics are slowly killing her and she wants Jamie to go with her to Will's dad so he can study her and save Sarah. It also turns out that Will really wasn't interested in Jamie but was casing her as a candidate for bionics.

Sarah has the best lines in the entire episode: She tells Jamie that the NOT OSI are a bit pervy and "They don't tell you how objectifying this whole bionic woman thing is. They don't tell you anything, that's why you and me need to stick together maybe form a union."

Later when the spoiled Canadian girl says they should flee the scene, Sarah shushes her with "Adults are talking!"

It all boils down to a showdown between Jamie and Sarah and it turns out to be a draw. During the fight, when Jamie's sister Becca is in trouble, Sarah says if she kills Becca they could be more connected and even offers: "We could wear matching outfits. How do you look in capris?"

Next week: Jamie goes wild.


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