Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wonder Twin powers: Deactivate! Pretty please?: "Heroes" the recap

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Is anyone else sick of the Wonder Twins? They are getting waaay more screentime than they deserve. I'm soo tired of Maya's black eyes of death. But there's hope on the horizon as the twins encounter Sylar who somehow made it off the island and is now in the middle of the desert. He sees their powers first hand and then kills the guy who had the car in order to keep their secret safe.

The cool thing about this episode is the introduction of Micah's cousin who apparently can copy any move she sees on TV. It comes in handy when she foils a robbert at the hamburger joint she works.

In NYC a whole lot is going on: Matt is hot on the case of "Who's stalking the Justice Society aka. the OLD Heroes." Mama Petrelli confesses in order to get police protection and she begs Matt telepathically to leave it alone. At home, Molly is still having nightmares and he and Mohinder have no clue on how to help her. (But how cute was it that Mohinder was singing her an Indian lullaby).

Back at work Matt sees an old photo of the older generation of heroes and sees his estranged dad! He asks Molly to help locate him and we learn he's the guy that's been tormenting the girl in her dreams!

In California, HRG is spooked after seeing an Isaac painting that has him dead and Claire kissing a dude. (We think it's West but who knows because the art is so bad). He forbids her to date and she totally lies to him to sneak off and fly off with West. (I'd be throwing up because I hate heights!).

Claire and West get closer and she cooks up a lie about her being part of the cheersquad. HRG agrees to let her do this if only she doesn't date. (I guess the Company folks don't go to games.)

Back in New York, Molly uses her powers to locate Matt's dad but at a cost: She lapses into a coma! Dun-Dun!!

Episode grade:B

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