Thursday, October 04, 2007

Girlfight: The America's Next Top Model Recap

Oh Tyra. You are my crack and I'm your addict. Every season I tell myself that I'm not going to watch and then you have a contestant that I hate to love. This season it's Bianca. Girfriend is sooo ghetto-fab it's not funny. Who else would admit to a $25 weave? Who else would be responsible for this quote: "Check yo thighs in the mirra..."

She takes horrible photos but has an attitude to spare that I want her to stay on my TV screen as long as possible and then crushed at the end when the big dream eludes her.

So far Bianca has argued with most of sistas in the house and she's targeted Lisa the former stripper (oops: I mean she totally had a bikini on but only did lap dances) and Saleisha who may walk away with this thing.

Tyra and crew seem to be high on Heather who takes amazing photos but because she has a form of autism is having problems relating to the other girls.

Last night the girls had to walk in a straight jacket for Miss Jay and oddly enough some said they felt right at home doing it. (Let's not go there) and then they had the girls do a runway show of some designer I had never heard of but the clothes were in a word: UGLY.

Saleisha won the challenge much to Bianca's dismay. And then she gives us the second quote of the evening: "Don't let the red hair fool ya, I know HIGH fashion." Really Bianca????? Really???This week's photo challenge had the girls wearing the couture gowns and hanging from a rock wall. Jenah totally walked away with this one. Although I liked Lisa's photo a lot too. But girl needs to be more model-y and less stripper-y.

Unfortunately poor what'shername from Florida was booted.

Next week: Someone gets her hair chopped off> Based on the long hair girls I pray it's Ebony because her bad weave bothers me.

Episode grade: B+

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