Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bossy women run this street

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Best episode of the season! This episode was the perfect storm of funny, sad, serious and side-splitting.

Loved that Bob and Lee are fitting into the neighborhood. We start out with Bob and Lee's new (hideous) fountain proving the wrath of the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Bree sums it up best with this quote "With all the gay men in the world, we get the two with no taste." But not to be outdone Mrs. McClusky asks Bree to talk to the gays with this line.

"Bree you should go talk to them you can relate to them. You had a son that came flying out of the closet and a husband that was looking for a doorknob."

We also had Bob telling an old neighbor "If you ever want to talk fashion, we're here for you."

Each of the ladies had her hands full as Bree had to deal with the ramifications of Danielle fleeing the convent, Lynette trying to save her kids' treehouse, Susan dealing with Bob and Lee's fountain and Gaby trying to juggle an affair with Carlos.

The best scene in the whole episode is when Lynette and Katherine campaigning for the office of the neighborhood association.

Episode: A

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Mrs. Wong said...

That is some hillarious dialogue!