Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Help! My show is broken!:" Heroes": the recap

photo from NBC.com

OK, I'm calling it: "Heroes" has jump the shark. Not even Kristen Bell can save it and she's a good actress! I was soo bored at Hiro's, Peter's and Claire's storylines that it wasn't even funny.

I'd write a recap but I can sum it up in bor-ring. The big reveal at the end about a virus wiping out New York screams legacy virus. and Marvel Comics did that years ago.

The big reveals from last night: Claire makes the cheerleading squad after she and West cares the bejubus out of some actress that was totally trying to rip off the head cheerleader from this movie.

"Nikki" teams up with Mohinder to look for new mutants. I put "Nikki" in quotes because I suspect it's actually Jessica and that the Company brought the Jessica personality back.

Monica gets a shiny new Ipod from Bob full of abilities she can copy while in Ireland, Peter and his new girlfriend (I wish I could care enough to remember her name) go over to Canada to find a room full of stuff.

Maya activates her Wonder Twin power to get Sylar, Alejandro and herself across the border much to the deaths of some Minute Men. (I'm guessing New York is hit by a Maya/Legacy Virus combo)

And badass H.R.G is back!

Episode grade: C-

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