Sunday, October 07, 2007

They really, really hate each other: Gossip Girl: The recap

The CW has thrown a ton of money promoting this show and I had planned on skipping it, but now, it's my secret (until now) guilty pleasure. And I watch it on Sunday afternoons, so look for the recap then instead of Wednesday.

Imagine is Brenda and Kelly were constantly fighting on "90210" and you'd have the relationship betwen Serena and Blair. This week, it's college week and everyone's favorite spoiled brats are trying to get in to Brown and Yale but we all know that neither school would turn down a fat check to get a kid in the school.

At school things are still tense, so tense that Blair and Serena get into a scuffle and Blair fakes an injury in order not to look bad. She decides to take Serena down once and for all and has Jack to follow her around and follow her to the center where here little brother was taken after his suicide attempt.

Meanwhile, Blair's boyfriend aka "Torn Between Two Lovers" is having a problem telling his dad he wants to go to USC. But for some reason the dad doesn't understand the words coming out his life. At the boys' school, Dan desperately wants to go to Dartsmouth but isn't chosen to be an usher. His dad steps in and gets Dan a gig serving punch at the exclusive college party. Dan's dad plays the music while Dan's sister Jenny comes to the party wearing Blair's handmedown dress. Serena's brother tells her the sordid details of his stay and Jenny promises to keep his secret.

At the party, Blair embarrasses the heck out of Serena by outing her as a druggie in front of the whole school and the Brown representative. (I say, if you're gonna take someone down, then this is how to do it). Everyone is shocked except for Jenny who breaks her promise (she kept the secret for like all of five minutes) and tells Dan that Serena is taking the fall to protect her brother.

Serena pretends she's a druggie to save her little bro but he makes Blair feel very small when he shows here the marks on his wrists.

The next day in a freakish rainstorm the two girls make up but based on the metaphor of the rain, we can tell stormy days are ahead.

Episode grade: B

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