Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm just not seeing gargoyle here: "America's Next Top Model": The recap

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Is that a bad photo? Apparently for the judges in "America's Next Top Model" is is.

This is the first week I actually felt that I knew who these girls were. There's a LOT of hatred on this cycle and it appears that my girl Bianca is always as the center of it.

The highlight of the episode for me was the Model formerly known as Danielle showed up and she was amazing! I guess speech therapy DOES work!

Lisa is doing an amazing job but that doesn't sit too well with Bianca and some of the rest of the girls.

I was worried that Ambreal would be taken out because this is NOT her best photo. She was scared of heights ( I feel ya girl) and it showed by her freakout at the photo shoot.

In the end she and Janet were in the bottom two and poor Janet was sent home.

A few random questions: Is it just me or is Tyra seem waay too removed from these girls? Usually she would have dropped by for a chat or something now.

What's going on with Miss Jay's hair?

Episode grade: B

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