Thursday, October 25, 2007

"I like blowing" : "Ugly Betty," the recap

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It's the end of baseball season but "Ugly Betty" keeps hitting home runs! This week's theme: affairs of the heart.

Betty is still reeling from the shattering news that Henry's going to be a daddy. Hilda and Justin try very different ways to heal their broken hearts. Claire tries to see if there's room in Bradford's heart for her while Marc finds "like" in an unexpected place and in an unexpected package. And Christina's old issues come back to bite her.

We start off with Betty and Henry trying to avoid each other and trying to move on. After Christina tells Betty that it's time for her to move on, she dips her toe into the Internet dating pool. She goes out with a man on a bowling date and basically talks him into boredom and he ditches her as fast as he can. Henry gets wind of Betty's date, follows her to the bowling ally and swoops in to save the date. They finally, finally, FINALLY decide get together.

At Casa de Suarez, Hilda is hanging out with the Golden Girl rejects while Justin is hanging out with rough-crowd wannabees.

The both realize the need to get out their grief and move on.

At the Meade household, Willie tires to play "It's a Wonderful Christmas" much to the dismay of the whole family. Claire sees them out side and realizes that they are a family and she and Yoga head off to Italy.

At Mode, Marc meets a portly photographer and realizes that there's some there, there. And to make this episode the best it can be we end with lovebirds Betty and Henry deciding to take the plunge. Yay!!

Episode grade: A

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