Sunday, August 31, 2008

Has "Dancing With the Stars" jumped the shark?

Ted McGinley is one of the "stars" that will be featured this season. Photo by

A disclaimer: I've never seen a single episode of this show. That being said, I might have to watch this season. Seriously. I want to see how far down the D-list this show can go.

Personally, I think it's finally jumped the shark with the inclusion of Ted McGinely. If you don't know who he is, trust me, you've seen him repeatedly. For some reason, this man has made a career of joining shows that are on their last legs and I think this show might be on it.

This season's "stars" include: Lance Bass (who I used to like but now, not so much), Kim Kardashian (who is famous for no reason except for a skanky sex tape with Brandy's brother) and Cloris Leachman who I was shocked to find was still alive. (Any guess on whether Mary Tyler Moore or Valarie Harper might be on next season?) And of course, my fave: Susan Lucci. I was so wondering why Toni Braxton was on the list since she has a well-known heart disease problem. If she keels over, would that make good TV? I don't know???
I also have issue of WHY Lance is with a female partner. He's gay people! Couldn't America handle seeing him dance with a dude? I think so. Plus it's a DANCE competition! I'm surprised that GLAAD hasn't jumped all over this one.

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