Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are you ready to move into "90210"?

The cast of "90210" is ready for you. But the question is? Are we ready for them?
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I'm going to admit it. I'm going to check into "90210." After all they've been bombarding us with commericials for weeks now. Curiously, they haven't sent out tapes to TV critics which makes me nervous because that says to me that the show either a) stinks or b) stinks.

However, I thought the first show a) stank and b) stank but there was a trainwreck-y quality about it. Plus add the back stage drama of Shannen Doherty and that made me watch more. Both Shannen and Jennie Garth are cameo-ing in this version but alas, Tori Spelling is not.

The new premise has a new family moving in and trying to fit in with the Snobs of Beverly Hills and because this is the 2008, they have a black adoptive son. While I find this wrinkle interesting, couldn't they have, oh, I don't know, a sucessful black family LIVE in Beverly Hills? Black people along with Asians and Latinos DO have rich people in their race so it wouldn't have been so much of a stretch.

Of course it would have been cliched to have the black family a) a rapper's family, b) a former athlete's family c) an actor's family so I guess this is the best they could do.

I also think the CW is making a BIIIG mistake by not putting this show immediately after "Gossip Girl" because it's the SAME audience. (Which if you're not watching GG you are sooooo two years ago.

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