Friday, November 16, 2007

The hidden jewels of primetime

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Two shows I want to put on your radar: "Women's Murder Club" and "Journeyman." Both are based in San Francisco.

"WMC" stars Angie Harmon and it's basically "Sex and the City" in the middle of a squad room. The other members of the group are Jill the D.A, Claire the M.E. and Cindy the cub reporter. The murder mysteries are complex and good and best of all it's on Friday night when there's nothing else on.

"Journeyman" stars Kevin McKidd who's all sorts of wonderful and awesome rolled up in fantastic. The ratings aren't good for this show even though it follows "Heroes." Kevin's character Dan is a reporter for a paper in San Fran and travels through time. The show is amazing and you really, really need to watch.

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