Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm joining the cult of Angie Harmon

Police woman: Angie Harmon rules Friday nights Photo by

"Women's Murder Club" is my new Friday night guilty pleasure. Angie Harmon is fan-freaking-tastic. So fantastic that I'm joining the cult. I wish I could go back and watch her on "Law and Order." The thing that is amazing is this show is something that I wouldn't totally like and yet I'm entralled. It's like Sex and the City with guns or in the middle of a morgue.

But according to some bloggers, the show isn't doing well either. While I'm not begging this show be saved, I'd be sad if it were cancelled. It's smart, funny and entertaining. So if you're bored on a Friday night, give it a try. Tell them the Remote sent you.

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