Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whoopie! Knocked up sluts and celibate freaks let's start the party.

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And to think, I almost gave up on this show. This season, the fun, the sassyness, the intrigue of the first season is back. Yay!

This episode's theme: Halloween. Bob and Lee threw a party that no one will soon forget.

But first we had Carlos leaving Edie and Gaby trying to leave Victor until Victor's dad presented a check that'll keep her married until after the election.

Carlos outsmarted Edie and moved his money so she can't find it. But then Carlos spills the beans to Gaby about his offshore account to Gaby.

Susan discovers that Mike's dad is alive and demands to see him. Mike's acting weird and it looks as if he's addicted to some sort of drugs. Susan gets on her high horse and blasts her dad after meeting him in prison.

But back to the party: Bob and Lee have a party with Dead Man's party. Danielle crashes the party as doing a spot on impression as Bree.

Lynette meanwhile is hunting a possum that's destroying her garden. Luckily she got some gun tips from Bree so she can possibly take the possum out. But we discover the possum is symbolic of her cancer and she's trying to kill it.

Danielle is a hit at the party until her water breaks. Adam comes over to help deliver the baby and he calls Bree out on faking a pregnancy. Danielle delivers a baby boy as the Scavio kids look on through a window.

Bree and Danielle talk with the new baby in Bree's arms. Bree suggests that Danielle holds the baby and she submits. She then tells Bree she wants her to take the baby.

Gaby tells Victor that she's leaving him. And then he tells Gaby that he's going to start making more time for her and he actually shows some compassion toward her.

Susan is still on her high horse and then goes to see Mike's dad and tells him that she doesn't believe that Mike's dad does feel some remorse. Mike's dad tells Susan to watch out for Mike's demons which makes her even more panicked.

Edie comes over to see Victor and reveals the affair that Carlos and Gaby had. At Lynette's, the doctor tells Lynette's has beaten her cancer! (Yay!)

And just as she's celebrating, she sees the possum she wanted dead and cries over it. Meanwhile, Bree says goodbye to Danielle and Lynette revels in being cancer-free.

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