Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chickens and goats: Oh MY! The Amazing Race

A U-Turn derailed Jason and Lorena's quest for $1 million. Photo by

Sooo many things to say about this episode! The blondes in a word: suck. But I skip ahead: TAR unveiled a handy new trick to cause the racers misery: The U-Turn. How it works is this: If a team gets U-turned they have to finish BOTH assigned tasks instead of choosing the one they think they can do. Unfortunately for Jason and Lorena, they had to do an African dance (those dances were hilarious!) AND pan for gold which lead to their early dismal.

It's too bad because I actually wanted to see more Lorena meltdowns like last week. And what's going on with the animals? last week animals, this week goats! I felt sorry for the poor goats. And what's up with Jen's pissy attitude? "Everybody deserves a turn? This ain't Miss America honey, it's the Amazing RACE!

Episode grade: B+

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