Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why reality TV is the best.

I can't wait to see what this season holds in "The Amazing Race," especially when there are three connections to San Diego. Photo by

This week two of the best reality TV shows came back: "Survivor" on Thursday and tonight "The Amazing Race." If you're not watching these shows, now is the time to jump on.

A lot of my friends give me "that look" when I tell them I still watch "Survivor" but I don't care. This season is shaping up to be one of the best yet because we've got some really crazy folks on this show y'all. But before I go into it, you should know that this season is shot in HDTV and it's amazing.

My friends Chris and Steve let me come over, eat pizza and watch and my lord, I want to just move in with them. If I could afford one, there would be a HDTV in my home. The color, the definition, just amazing, amazing, amazing.

Luckily, we got rid of the biggest nutcase early: Gillian. This woman was shrill and walked around with elephant dung. That's all I'm saying. Wait, one more word: EWWWWW!

Charlie is gay and is feeling on some Marcus who says he's straight. I'm thinking "Bi" myself. Apparently everyone else is keeping their eye on Marcus because the Net is burning up with photos of "little Charlie" which slipped out of his shorts while they were running to do a challenge. I won't post a link because after all this IS a family blog.

Randy is an ass. I'm sorry, just straight up ass. I'm hoping he'll get booted. The gods must not be feeling him either because he got injured during the first night there by a sharp branch that cut his head. He got two stitches and while I'm talking about that, can we stop all the grossness on this show? Seriously. We don't need to see him get stitched up, just tell us about it!

Another thing though that I DO like is everyone running around in their underwear. Some people like Ace and Matty might have legions of gay fans drooling everywhere.

I know my eyes will be glued to the screen for now.

As for tonight, I can't wait to see how our geeks Mark and Bill do. You can read a really good story about the duo here. I bet the two will appear at next year's Comic-Con signing autographs.

Ken and Tina might be worth watching because Ken is from San Diego and a former Chargers player.

Other than that, until I see the show, I don't have an opinion on anyone else but you know I'll be watching.

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Mrs. Wong said...

Sounds like a great time at Chris and Steve's! I watched some HDTV at my brother' I know the difference. But back to my reality: a flat-screen TV (at least) that is kid-proof! I think the boys already threw something at it long ago, there are some scratches and a tiny chip. Oh well...