Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Amazing Race: So long beekeepers.

Anita and Arthur, you looked ike fun, too bad you're gone.

Yay! My show is back!
The Amazing Race aka TAR kicked off tonight and again, they casted well. Here's who I'm rooting for: The comic book geeks Mark and Bill. because I want them to show that geeks rule!

I'm also OK with Aja and Ty and Toni and Dallas.

I don't like : Terence and Sarah. She's OK but he's a major piece of work. He's too needy and she's too busy trying to make friends. A quote from Terance: "She's talking to the other teams instead of connecting with me. I needed to be held." Seriously dude, get help now.

Ken and Tina aka Mom and Dad. Ken's OK but Tina rubs me the wrong way. Luckily I think they'll be gone soon.

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Lekili said...

Haha, once again we're on the same page. I can't stand Terence. A-hole all the way. I don't have a favorite yet, usually don't until week 2 or 3.