Sunday, September 28, 2008

Smallville is good?

Lois and Clark and a dynamic duo. Seriously. Photo by

Last week, I watched "Smallville" just to see the Justice League in action. I accidentally taped it for this week and decided to kill some time and watch.

I was shocked at how GOOD it actually was. Of course, I have some quibbles with the show. If you haven't watched in a while, we've finally LEFT Smallville (mainly) and are in Metropolis. Clark has just started with the Daily Planet and Lois is already a "seasoned" (try to contain your laughter) reporter.

Chloe is finding herself but is engaged to Jimmy Olsen. I have no idea where Supergirl is ( she was the big deal last season but so far, nothing) The episode begins with a Lois dressing Clark down and then dressing him up for his first day. An explosion rocks the building and Clark helps people who are victims of a bus crash.

It turns out that one girl and an explosive power she can't control. In the comics, she's this character.

Meanwhile, Chloe has attracted the attention of a hot paramedic and he's kinda brood-y in a hunky sort of way.

Tess, think Lex 2.0, is trying to track down Lex and thinks Clark might know something. (Lex disappeared during a battle with Clark in the Fortress of Solitude). The short version is that Lois and Clark do reporting shenangians and get the story about Plastique and get bylines.

Chloe becomes more attracted to the paramedic and the episode is pretty much over.

That being said, it has a ton of potential, and I'll keep watching for now...

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Mrs. Wong said...

Glad you're back. I noticed the Justice League (and Injustice League) will be on a little more. Yummy Oliver Queen/Green Arrow! And did you notice the "blue" shirt Lois got for Clark to wear.