Monday, September 29, 2008

Gossip Girl

Poor Jenny, you didn't have a good night on "Gossip Girl". Photo by

After last's weeks shocking turn of events, we pick up with Blair's world rocked by the ascension of Serena as queen of the girls and Serena now in byotch mode.

Dan is still invisible boy and Jenny is dodging school to avoid the Sisterhood of the Traveling Evil. Blair thinks she's got a way to get her throne back by getting the girls second row seats to Fashion Week but that's until Serena is spotted in Women's Wear Daily with a socialite named Poppy.

Blair targets Jenny after Jenny helps rearrange the seating chart for the show. Jenny is in the doghouse with her dad and with the girls at school.
At Fashion Week, Blair tries to exercise her authority but is shut down by Jenny, Eleanor and Serena.

Jenny prepares to get the models ready to go but Blair has sabotage her. Meanwhile Dan and Chuck are languishing in jail after Dan punches a guy out while defending Chuck's honor. Chuck had insulted a woman by implicating that she was a prostitute.

Chuck drops a bombshell while in a holding cell with Dan: His mom died while giving birth to him. Chuck gets out of jail and shows his human side by offering to having Dan released too.

At home, Chuck's dad and Lily are reunited and Chuck's dad had it destroyed.

Jenny comes up with the idea to have society girls to model Eleanor's clothes and it actually turns out great. Serena keeps showing her human side and not wanting to hurt Blair's feelings. Poppy tells Serena to be amazing and not to hide her light and go for it. Serena is talked into doing the show and Blair gives Serena a dress to wear ( I wonder if it's Jenny's) and Serena is the hit of the runway. Luckily she knows how to model. And I'm right: Eleanor sees that a dress on the runway is not hers and we're off to commercial break before we see what happens next.

Jenny begs Blair to leave her alone. Jenny tells Blair that she wanted to be HER friend and wante HER to like her and Blair feels this small.

Chuck is at jail and sees that Dan was haning with him for a reason. At Lily's Bart drops a bombshell about her past and she's thrown for a loop.

At Fashion Week, Eleanor learns that Jenny's dress is getting headlines. Jenny begs Eleanor to take credit. Blair jumps on board and Eleanor comes out a winner. (The dresses are fug).

Jenny igs daddy at the Fashion Week show and you can tell hell is going to break loose. (Meanwhile, practically EVERY commericial during the break was for this movie!)

Dan calls his professor and he bails him out. Dan tells his professor what Chuck's secret and decides not to use the story.

Serena tells Blair to get a clue and a war is on. I think I like Serena 2.0.

Jenny and her dad get into it and Jenny tells her dad that she's NOT going back to school.

And we're off until next week.

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