Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The biggest loser

Colleen and Jerry are the newest overweight people looking to shed pounds on "The Biggest Loser." Photo by NBC.com.

When this show first came on almost four years ago (can you believe it?) I thought it would last one season tops. Now, it's still going strong. Each season, I swear that I'm not going to watch this show, but it's addictive. You want these people to succeed. In many ways these people are me.

I say to myself, if I were at fat camp and all I had to do is workout every day, I'd lose weight too. Unfortunately, that's a pipe dream. Losing weight is HARD work. If it were easy, everyone could do it.

That being said, I'm loving the contestants this season but for some reason Jillian has drunk a side of byotch with an evil chaser. I mean this woman is yelling and screaming at these people. And not in a good way. She's telling them they are going to drop dead unless they lose weight, which might be true, but LORD.....

I'm rooting for Jerry. He's one of the fattest men and even the doctor said he's one of the sickest person on the show. I'm scared for him, but I believe he can do it. I wonder why they let him on the show.

Jillian lays out his future, if he doesn't lose the weight, he's going to die. It's full on drama and I'm going to be watching to see how this turns out. Their drama was so bad, that I can't even get into the rest of the contestants. Although I'm rooting for the Red Team from S.C. and was sad to see Green team go.

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