Monday, September 15, 2008

Accept no imposter....

The Dan/Serena drama needs to end. NOW. Photo by

This week's disclaimer: I wasn't interested enough to see the second episode of "90210." As interesting as it was, it's no "Gossip Girl." Once you've sampled the original, others can't compare.

This week, we have Nate struggling to balance being a himbo to a royal and a boyfriend to sweet innocent Vanessa. Serena and Dan are outed in their secret relationship and Chuck Bass is moping around in his bachelor pad trying to bed random chicks.

Jenny is working her butt off at Eleanor's as Laurel's slave. Blair is trying to bed down her Prince Charming but he's not too interested. Dan and Serena is confronted by overdressed 12-year-olds in a park. who read about it on Gossip Girl.
It's good to remember they remember there's a blog attatched to this show.

Blair goes to Brooklyn to invite Nate and Vanessa to a party but it turns out so the Dutchess can get a better look at the competition.

Serena goes to Chuck Bass's bachelor pad and Serena accidentally gives him the idea to use "Blair as sexual Drain-O." At Eleanor's Jenny is caught altering the dress and Eleanor fires Jenny.

Nate is out on run and discovers Blair's plan. Nate cancels and Vanessa talks to Dan about her problems with Nate. Dan's dad gives Vanessa some really, really BAD advice to make her show up at the party.

Chuck shows up at the party to try to seduce Blair. Unbelieveabley, Chuck gropes Blair at the party and no one seems to notice. (!)
As Dan and Serena leave for the party, there's a hint of a brownout (hmm, could the get stuck in the elevator). Ne-Yo's "Closer" plays in the background and then the lights go out in NYC.

Dan and Serena are stuck in the elevator (she looks fashionable in Chanel) and Vanessa after seeing the Dutchess and Nate. Vanessa observes that she didn's sign up for a creepy love triangle with "him and someone's mom..."

Blair stands up to the dutchess and the dutchess throws Blair's relationship in her face especially the part about them not having sex.

Dan learns the Serena's name carries power and Jenny and Eleanor collaborate on a dress where she says "It looks like a pilgrim at a funeral" Vanessa convinces Nate to end the relationship.

Vanessa and the Dutchess face off. Blair is up in her darkened bedroom and Chuck takes advantage of the situation. Jenny and Eleanor talk more about design and Jenny tells her that Eleanor's dress made her want to design. Dan and Serena get into a stupid argument and Serena tells Dan that she forgives him. Somehow, they can't get past their differences and it looks as if they are broken up for this episode. (The Dutchess says something that drives Vanessa off.)

Chuck and Blair are caught by the Lord (not the one in the sky) and she's embarrassed. The Lord punches Chuck and ten embarrasses Blair at the party. Vanessa tells Nate to stay with the Dutchess and apparently she's not embarrassed to be seen at a teeny-bopper party. Blair and the Lord make up and Chuck is ticked.

Jenny's Dad shows up with a date and Eleanor tells Jenny she's still got a job and tells Dan and his date to get them sandwiches.

In the elevator of drama, Dan and Serena break up (AGAIN!) and they realize they love each other but can't be together. Chuck tries making out with another girl but it isn't working and Dan and Vanessa talk on the rooftop about their broken hearts.

Vanessa reveals that the Dutchess said that she would go to the FBI to drop a dime on where Nate's dad is. (Byotch!).

Hopefully, she'll come down hard.



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