Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fashion night...

Oh Brittany, you tried really hard but it just didn't work. Photo by

Tonight was one of my three favorite episodes of "America's Next Top Model": make overs! This year, Tyra didn't do too horribly but some she missed the mark. I wasn't feeling McKey's short do, or Sheena's highlights but some were wonderful such as Elina. She got a red frizzy do and it works. Of course there were some tears and some WTF moments along the way but overall not too shabby.

Some girls in this episode Analeigh and Britney were in trouble from the get-go. I don't know why it is but it seems by week three some people's confidence goes out the window. What they should be thankful for is the exposure, who cares if you win, you'll still find work if you're good.

I'm getting suspicious about the lack of screen time that Isis is getting so that makes me think that a) she's gone soon or b) Tyra wants to milk her later.

This week, the challenge was got go to Wal-Mart (Is product placement out of control on this show or what) and they had to do an impromptu look and a commerical. Hannah won which was great but it wasn't memorable.

The photo challenge was a "Sports Illustrated" esque swimsuit photo. Some girls rocked like Marjorie and Lauren-Brie while some just kinda wilted. They hated Analeigh's but I thought it wasn't that bad. Isis looked horrible to me but they let her slide. In the end, Brittany was sent packing and Analeigh was spared.

Next week: The runway!

On "Project Runway" the designers had to create an outfit for women who had recently graduated from college with guidance from their moms.

It was a great challenge but some people (cough, Suede, Kenley) made it all about them. I'm digging Korto every week, I want her to win sooo, soo bad.

Some people are growing as designers such as Jerelle and Lee Ann, while others are like wow. In the end, Joe was shown the door after his hideous 80s wear fell flat.

I'm glad Jerelle beat Kenley ( hate, hate her) and that his look will be featured in "Elle" But note to Jerelle, you're looking too "Men on Film: "these days.

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sgfludd said...

Brit will be okay - she will fulfill her destiny of being an NFL trophy wife - hey nice work if you can get it. (And seriously you watch TOO MUCH TV - I can't keep up)