Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion Night

Terri's dress was wonderful, but the judges couldn't see that on "Project Runway". Nikeysha was super skinny and she just couldn't stop talking. That along with bad photos removed her from the competition. Photo by The

At the day job, we've dubbed Wednesday nights as "Fashion Night" since two of the best shows on TV "America's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway" air back to back. I was sad to see that Project Runway is going to end on Oct. 15 and I imagine when "ANTM" is done, my Wednesday nights will be free.

Last night on "ANTM" Benny Ninja returned to show the girls to "pose outside the box." Some where great at it while some, like Isis (shock!) and Nikeysha struggled. (When this challenge was over, I knew those two would be in the bottom two.)

Later at the house, the girls did the traditional "let's-all-jump-into-the-pool-and tell-all-our-business-moment" that's aired each season. We learned that Sheena has hoochie in her blood and can't get it out. (I hope she wins, if not, I see a stripper pole in her future). Elina and Clark did the "I-kissed-a-girl-and-I-liked-it" moment. Elina informs us that Clark has really soft lips. I wonder what her breath smells like because this girl is constantly talking trash. Isis was backing into Hannah and she held out her hands to push Isis forward. Suddenly, she became branded a racist.

I was stunned because to me, it looked as if she was trying to preserve her space in the pool and Isis didn't see her. If you watched you noticed Isis didn't trip, but Brittany, Sheena, Joslyn and Nikeysha were outraged.

It's nice to know that they are accepting of Isis now but wow, did they have to take Hannah down this way?

At a challenge, they all had to use their poses to try to sell a purse of a purse designer I've never heard of. (They were ugly purses anyway).

At the photo shoot, the girls were to climb on a ladder attatched to a hot air balloon but luckily the wind was high so they did it on a fork lift.

Elina, Lauren Brie had AMAZING photos. Seriously. Like the best ever in the history of "ANTM!" I think part of it was because they were close to the ground. I wonder if they had REALLY used the hot air balloon how they would have turned out.....

At judging, some of the girls looked bow-wow-wow-yipee-yi-yippe-yay ROUGH! What was Isis wearing? She was tore up from the floor up.

Nikeysha and Isis were in the bottom two. Nikeysha for lack of class and tact and Isis for lack of confidence, luckily, the right one was spare. Next week: MAKEOVERS!!!!!

There are no words to describe my anger at the judges during last night's "Project Runway." Were we watching the same garments? Seriously, I've had problems with their decisions last night, but this was just wrong.

The challenge had the booted designers of this season returning and having them pair up in a team challenge. They had to make a garment based on a zodiac sign of one of the team members. Some teams worked well together, while others exploded. Terri and Keith had to work together on a garment and Keith had an attitude from the beginning. Terri had a "i'll just do it myself" attitude and I think that was her undoing. Her garment looked OK and it had some snap but she rejiggered it after talking to Christian from last season and I think THAT is where she made her design mistake.

The other travesty of the evening was Kenley and her attitude. I pray that she's booted and that it would take her down a peg. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance and she's been arrogant since day one. I love how the editors have slowly let us see the arrogant side of her this season. At first, I was a fan, now I want her gone.

Poor Blayne was teamed with Stella and it was the most hideous thing I think I've ever seen go down a runway. He too was eliminated. Next week: Designing for old teachers. Hooray!


Lekili said...

"...bow-wow-wow-yipee-yi-yippe-yay ROUGH! What was Isis wearing? She was tore up from the floor up."

HAHA. Thanks, I needed that laugh at this point in the day. And yes, she was tore up from the floor up indeed. Glad she got to stay and blabber mouth went home.

Jumpthesnark said...

And my fave line from this post was...

"I wonder what her breath smells like because this girl is constantly talking trash."

I'm still laughing at that one. Tooo good.