Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Anybody else feeling too danged fat?: The Biggest Loser finale!

Bill and his twin JIm kicked booty tonight on The Biggest Loser as Bill won $250,000 and Jim won $100,000. NBC.com

After all these weeks, we finally saw who earned the title of "The Biggest Loser." And HOORAY it was one of the most deserving people: Bill! Some people looked amazing :Bryan, Jerry, Jez and even cheating old Neil! Some notsomuch: Amber, Patty and Lezlye. I'm proud of all these people because it takes mucho, mucho dedication to keep eating correctly and exercising. I've been struggling for years and I still haven't mastered it. Thank goodness I'm not the weight that these people were and if the fates are willing, I won't be either!

Maybe can get motivated by the next group because the new season starts in two weeks which is on, yep, you guessed it New Years Day!

Season grade: A+

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