Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Live blogging Lost the finale

Dear Emmy people. Ben's eyes alone deserve one because I've never seen someone so expressive before. EVER. Photo by

Dear reader(s). Thanks for sticking with me. I've been a bad TV blogger because of job commitments getting in the way, but I promise I'll do better in the future. Meanwhile, this TV season officially ends with the "Lost" finale tomorrow night and what a season it was!

The writers' strike took a LOT of wind out of a lot of shows. In my gone too soon list: "Journeyman" and "Women's Murder Club" and, um, "Bionic Woman." (Jump, don't roll your eyes)

In the delightful discoveries department: "Chuck" and "Torchwood".

I've also developed a couple of guilty pleasures but the main one is "Flip that House" (I guess it's a homeowner's thing....

The hurry back award goes to "Ugly Betty" who had a stellar sophomore season. I heart Justin in a non icky sort of way.

The most improved show: It's a tie between "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" who both raised their games this year. The five year jump for DH was brilliant and the flash forwards off the island is working for "Lost".

And speaking of "Lost" I'll be live blogging so wish me luck!

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