Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thank GOD for NELs!!!!!

For you "Amazing Race" watchers, Team Cha-Cha was in troooble tonight but thanks to a non-elimination leg, they were spared.

I was sad that the evil beauty queens bribed them to yield another team. But it totally backfired as the team that was yielded surged ahead and managed to come in second. But because they were already marked for elimination, they managed to come in third. Now they are the last and must be first to miss the penality.

I want them to win and I have confidence they'll be able to hold it together. If they don't win, I sooo want Charla to win. Mirna needs to be slapped for her rudeness to Charla and the other teams. It's also weird that she makes Charla do all the crappy stuff.

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Mrs. Wong said...

What a nail-biting episode! I LOVE D&O and hope they can win it all, but if not Charla and Mirna are my next team; Charla deserves something for putting up with her crazy cousin. I'm sure Mirna means it all in love...Waiting for next Sunday.