Wednesday, April 11, 2007

America's Next Top Model

So long Whitney!
One of my favorite models from this season got the boot tonight. I'm bummed because she was pretty and smart and NOT a size 0. I wanted her to win so badly because I'm sick of stick figures being rewarded as models.

But at least she got a chance. It was also cool to see the past models Bre and Kim again who appeared during a challenge which required re-enactments of scenes from past seasons. I'm glad most of the girls got work! But some of them I had to remind myself who they were.

And now a word about Tyra. It's time for her stylist to be fired. Seriously. Why is she rocking fashions by Rhoda Morgenstern? The headwraps, the go-go boots. It's like she raided her mom's closet and decided to wear her old clothes. I know she's a retired model but my lord, can she be fashionable?????

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