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"Survivor," "Ugly Betty" and more...

Vanessa Williams once again stole the show on "Ugly Betty" on Thursday. Photo by

Thursday nights at 8 p.m. is a battleground on my DVR. Two of my favorite shows "Ugly Betty" and "Survivor" go head to head. What normally happens is that I watch "Survivor" and then my partner gets home and then we watch "Betty" together. He likes "Betty" and is meh on "Survivor." So, it works out.

But, I might have to sneak and watch "Betty" without him because, it's just that good. We're on episode to on "UB" and the show feels so very Season One, but in a great way.

Betty has gotten her spunk back and she's not mired down in some romantic drama (unlike big sister Hilda who's sleeping with a married man). Daniel has gotten the boot from Mode and he's working for another magazine called Player which is a misnomer because it should be called Hoochies on Parade because that's what it is.

Betty wants back into Mode and away from Player but Daniel's pride won't let him do it. Meanwhile, the ever fabulous Wilhemina Slayer is the belle of the ball and is planning her launch party to celebrate her first issue of Mode.

Betty shows Alexis (Daniel's sister who's the Head Byotch In Charge of the Meade Empire) notes Daniel made on Willi's first issue. As you can guess, high jinks ensue and Daniel's back at Mode before the end of the episode.

Along the way, Christina (Betty's BFF who's the surrogate for Willi's baby. Daniel and Alexis's dad is the baby daddy) is injured.
Marc gets jealous when Betty becomes the No. 1 assistant and engineers Willi's takedown.
Marc gets a lullaby from his BFF Amanda. (The actress is great and they sooo need to use her character more)
HIlda Betty's sister gets stood up by the coach. Betty finds out about the affair and tells Hilda to walk away.
Justin (Hilda's obviously gay son gets confused about sports terminology) and we all have a great episode.

Here are some gems spouted along the way:

"No burrito for you" Marc to Betty informing her of her lunch date with Willi.
"Look at us, two women of color having a fancy lunch on the town. Isn't this fun, girlfriend?" Willi to Betty.
"And that blouse, it's heaven. Where did you get it? I love it" Willi to Betty followed by "No, you don't." Betty to Willi and finally "You're right, I don't. It's hideous, like driving through Ohio." Willi to Betty.
"I would never do anything wrong, ugly for morally suspect. That's what I have Marc for dear." Willi to Betty.

"Aunt Betty. You have to go back to Mode. Player gets me nothing. It's like I'm stuck at the bottom of the sandtrap at the bottom of the ninth quarter. Listen to me, I'm already changing!" Justin trying to reason with Betty to go back to Mode.
"Don't you think a doctor should do this or at least a nurse practioner?" Betty to Willi. "I'm so numb up there, I wouldn't know if you hit bone." Willi's reply to Betty.

"Betty, do you know why I hired you? I always suspected you're the brains behind Daniel Meade." Willi to Betty. "That's not true, Daniel's very smart" Betty's reply. "Yes, yes, yes, smart as a whip..." Willi's response.

"Get me some carrot shavings, I'm feeling very snackish." Betty in Betty's fantasy about being the next Wilhemina Slayer.


Meanwhile over on CBS, the drama known as "Survivor" was unfolding. The Fang tribe was reeling after two losses in a role and I was thinking they were slowly going to be wiped out. Instead, they pulled it together and WON not once but twice!

One challenge had them fighting to stay on a pole and prevent being drug through mud, the other had them going down a Slip and Slide and assembling puzzle pieces. Fang sent Sugar to Exile Island where she looked for a hidden immunity idol. She found it and then told Ace that she had it (BIG mistake, it'll come back to bite her on the butt.) Ace was telling her that the Idol was "ours" to do what "we" want with it. Meanwhile, his enemy Paloma didn't stand a chance and she was voted out.

VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs
I love hip-hop. While I'm not a die-hard as some of my friends, I like to think that I know enough about it that I could get by. And while VH1 and MTV have totally stopped showing videos these days, they are filling their airwaves with countdown shows and for some reason, I'm a sucker for them. I guess I love living in the past or something but anyway, this week they counted down the 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs and for the most part, I agreed with the countdown.

It was great to see some old-school artists such as JJ Fad, Big Daddy Kane and UTFO. What amazed me was that I STILL knew the words to some of these songs.

Since it's VH1 you know it'll run umpteen times so make sure you check it out. Word up!

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