Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What. the. hell!

Does this deserve to go to Bryant Park? Heck no. Photo by

Tonight's challenge for the final four: design an evening gown inspired by flowers at the Botannical Garden. Let's just say everyine wilted on the vine because the dresses were horrible.

Jerell, Leanne and Korto all stuck together to show "She who has an attitude" who's the boss. At one of the most emotional runways ever, all the designers cried to let the judges know how bad they wanted it. Kenley threw Korto under the bus and in the waiting room, Korto called her out. In the end, all four get to make collections to show at Bryant Park but only three will compete. My money is on Korto, Kenley and Leann to make it to the end.

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Lekili said...

Tonight was my first night back with REAL cable and this is what I got! I didn't like ANY of the dresses. The judges seemed to like the purple number but it was U-G-L-Y and it had NO alibi.