Wednesday, October 01, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Poor Clark. You had the best photo last week and the worst this week. One week you're in, the next week, you're out. Photo by

Did anyone else feel like this was the lamest challenge ever?

The girls had to make ill-fitting clothes work and McKey won the challenge.

Majorie while pretty has some serious self-esteem issues and she's a negative Nancy. She worked a lot of the girls nerves especially Samantha.

Then Tyra had the girls do a challenge where they had to pose as natural disasters of L.A. the problem was one of two of the disasters kinda sucked. Tidal waves? Snowstorms? In L.A.???

Clark and Joslyn found themselves in the bottom two and because of Joslyn's sunny personality, she managed to survive another week.

I'm kinda blah on this week's show but maybe it'll pick up next week.

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