Saturday, November 08, 2008

Even Anderson Cooper loves "Housewives of Atlanta"

Anderson Cooper just went up a few notches because he too loves NeNe from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Photo by E! online.

OMG. I freaking LOOVE this show. The drama, oh the drama!
I'm hyperventilating because of the drama.

This post is a few days late because the original airing was on Election Night and no WAY was I going to miss Barack Obama's speech.

So I caught the show this morning and even REWATCHED it tonight and was totally entertained.

If you're not watching, here's what you missed.

The war between Sheree and NeNe heated up as they both fought for Kim's attention. It looks as if Sheree won Kim because Kim was told about a song that NeNe sung in a limo about Kim.

Kim is under the delusion that she's a country singer but the girl can't find a tune if someone gave her a map with directions. She went to a voice coach under the recommendation of producer Dallas Austin who wants to record a song with her called "Tightrope." It's bad when the Kim's 6-year-old daughter sounds better when Kim does.

And speaking of the song, NeNe sang a hilarious song about Kim and her "career" as a country singer. Unlike Kim, NeNe can actually sing.

Lisa and Deshawn seems to be pushed to the side because they had next to nothing to do in this episode. Although I think Lisa was the one who ratted NeNe out to Sheree about the song and Sheree told Kim who was furious. So furious that she sent NeNe a text calling her a "low-rent bitch."

Other gems from this episode: Kim to audience "The voice coach kept nitpicking me and wanted me to learn the ABC of singing. What do I care, I'm a singer."

Kim to Dallas Austin: "She asked me how to spell cat and I said 'k-a-t."

NeNe's song: "I say I'm twenty-nine but I look eighty-niiiine....."

See what you're missing? Watch! Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo!

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