Sunday, November 23, 2008

24: Redemption!

Oh Jack.I missed you. I can't wait until Jan. 11!!!! Photo by

It seems like it's been forever since we've seen Jack in action. Tonight's "prequel" to season 7 (Can you believe it?) wraps up some loose ends and starts a whole new season.

At the end of last season, we saw a beaten and lost Jack Bauer who had to make a choice to sacrifice his love for Audrey so she could have a normal life.

We catch up to him in the fictional country of Sangala, Africa where he's found a refuge with a former colleague who's running an all boys school.

Jack has become close to one kid named Willie and his brother and appears to be somewhat happy. Unfortunately, it won't last.
In Sangala an evil general seeks to obtain power and he's using the innocent children as soldiers to help fight his war.

Meanwhile, it's inaugration day in Washingon as a new president, Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) takes office. This war is landing right on her lap.

It turns out the war is connected to a Washington insider who's financing the war and when a friend of the first son uncovers the plot, he winds up killed.

Back in Africa, one of Jack's charges defies orders and goes to town and is almost captured when they are ambushed by soliders. As they attempt to flee, they're shot.

At the school, Jack is being hassled by the U.S. forces who tells him he needs to come back home and answer charges of torture. Jack offers to leave the school when he gets word that the children are in trouble.

The rest of the time is spent trying to get the children to safety at the U.S. embassy. Along the way, Jack is tortured and even manages to kill someone with his knees!

Of course, we know that Jack gets the kids to safety and the president is inaugurated but it's the preview to the next season that adds to the excitement.

Without spoiling, expect the unexpected!

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