Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not the nerds!!!!!

Poor Mark and Bill. Wrestling in Bolivia and not reading the clue seemed to be your kryptonite tonight. Photo by

Is it me, or is this the most cutthroat season of "The Amazing Race" so far?

Seriously, Nick and Starr need to be taken down a peg. Terance and Sarah have serious issues and even Ty and Aja are getting into the action.

The only team that seems to be above all the pettiness is Toni and Dallas and they are my new favorite team. Mom Toni struggled but managed to make it to the end. Dallas is the bomb and whizzed through the challenge

Tonight the teams rode dangerous bikes through the Bolivia and wrestled in Bolivia but poor Mark and Bill misread a clue and that cost them the race.

Ken and Tina again won first place and that might be the team to beat. But Tina's scary eyebrows need to leave my TV quickly!

The divorcees have blood in their eyes after "The Sports Bra" incident where Starr tossed it over a ledge or something. I was laughing too hard to actually care to hear the details but seriously, can't someone go to Sears and get another one or is it that big of a deal?

Next week: There's trouble in paradise for Aja and Ty and Starr might have broken her arm! (Hooray,, um. boo....)

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Mrs. Wong said...

Yeah, bummer on the Geeks with the local connection (Comic-Con). James (who each Sunday night says he doesn't watch the show, as he sits down with us on the sofa) is loving the drama of the "evil" siblings, divorcees, separated, and dysfuncational-daters. I don't have a fave team yet, but I'm impressed with the mom-son. Also, he enjoyed the wrestling roadblock; said it was a totally guy thing. And yeah, the frat boys were pretty good! ha ha.