Monday, November 17, 2008

Bored now....

Tracy (Ali Larter) changes sides on tonight's episode. Does anyone really care? Photo by

Earlier tonight, my friend Jump the Snarkwere at the day job and he told me that he had a few episodes of "Heroes" stacked up on his TiVo. (I envy him with his high end TV and TiVo but I digress...)

Ordinarily, I'd have tried to make him feel guilty but instead, I thought to myself, you totally can erase all of these episodes, read the recaps on move on with your life.

This season has been Bo-RING. Seriously. I know some people who've loved it, but not me.

After a great start, this thing has spiralled out of control. I'm not looking for the shark just yet, but let's say it's close by.

Here's what's wrong:

Payoff: I feel like I'm being strung along. There's no payoffs along the way and it's like they are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at this thing and still no good results.

Characters acting dumb: Let's look at Exhibit A: Hiro. I don't care about him. I don't care about his story. Why can't he and Ando be part of the action for a change instead of teleporting around the world. Surely there's an American branch of the big company he owns. Why can't he and Ando move to NYC and be done with it.

Claire: While I was all about Saving the Cheerleader, I'm now thinking: Who cares? And why is it, that she's the most important person on this show? Now she's the key to everyone having powers?

People you don't care about: Matt Parkman, I'm looking at you.

Lack of power development: People's powers should grow over time. Take this show. While the premise was kinda dumb, you did see them practice and learn about their powers and over time, they proved to be pretty formidable foes.

The next chapter is called "Fugitives" let's hope they don't mean the fans fleeing from the show.


Mrs. Wong said...

I've been meaning to tell you: I'm hooked on Charmed. TNT shows two episodes in the morning and then two more in the late afternoon; different seasons. I didn't intend to like it, but I always seem to have it on. James just shook hi head at me...but I realized I watch it not for the storylines or actresses, but for the sister-bonding (all of them). Bottom line, I missed my sisters (and brother) back at home.

Jumpthesnark said...

I like your idea. I'm going to just read your recaps and clear up some space on my TiVo. After all, the holidays are almost here and that means Charlie Brown specials and all those Rankin & Bass nightmares to record. :-)