Sunday, November 16, 2008

Read. the CLUE!!!

The day I've been waiting for has arrived. Terrance and Sarah are now gone! Hallejuh! Photo by

While I like this show, it makes me furious. Why or WHY can't people read the clue!

Tonight, NOT reading the clue was almost the undoing of the Frat Boys.

And I kinda want them to win the race because they seem to be the everyman that does this. There are TWO Non-elimination legs left, I'm guessing one will be next week and the other the week after with the finale coming in December.

Tonight the two teams that participated in the fast forward had to eat some nasty sheep's butt and it I were on the race, it would be at this point I'd say. "We've lost. Take me to the hotel."

So who's left: Ken and Tina who've calmed down but I still hate her. Nick and Starr who I hate. and Toni and Dallas who I LOVE. So I'm rooting for them or the frat boys. Sadly, I think Nick and Starr might have this inthe bag.

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