Monday, October 20, 2008

Heroes: Papa Petrelli is bad to the bone

Papa Petrelli is one bad, you know what. Photo by

"Heroes" is frustrating me this year. One week: AWESOME. The next week: DUD. This week: MEH...

I have to see where this chapter is going to lead but it seems very disorganized and it also makes me wonder if the writers are making all of this up as they go along.

This week, we met Papa Petrelli and it looks as if his power is to steal other powers by touch. Kinda like the Parasite. His first victim was Adam Kensi. Poor Adam, brought back for a few episodes and then POOF dust!

The one good thing is we FINALLY got a good fight between Sylar and Peter. (Peter won) and Peter finally got a clue and remembered how powerful he is. Now, Papa Petrelli has those powers because he absorbed them all from Peter. I don't know if Peter is powerless but lord let's hope so. I have a feeling he's been stripped of many of his powers but not his empathy power.

Nathan and Tracy went to see Mohinder only to be double crossed by them. Tracy almost takes Mohinder down for the count, but it looks as if they are recaptured. Let's hope Maya wakes up and uses her scary black eyes of death to weaken Mohinder so they can escape.

The best news of all: Ando is ALIVE!!! Last week, Hiro stabbed him but it was all a ruse. They not so dynamic duo then go to Africa to try to get the precog but he's one step ahead of them, even knocking Hiro out not once but twice.

Super Barbie (Claire) goes to try to rescue Meredith and they meet the puppet master. He nearly kills them all but Claire out smarts him and they subdue him.

Parkman tries to hook up with Daphne and she rebuffs him. It also helps that there is ZERO chemistry between them. And hello! What about Parkman's wife and his child out there?

More questions, less answers. Episode grade: B

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