Monday, October 20, 2008

The not so Amazing Race

Marisa and Brooke, I'm so glad you're gone because you were NOT representing South Carolina well. Photo by

I'm still hurt by the stunning Philimination of my geeks last week and almost gave up, but I'm glad I stuck around.

I have to say, this is the worst season so far. I want Terance and Sarah, the dumb divorcees and Starr and Nick gone. I have a feeling though that one of these teams will be in the final three.

Terance and Sarah seem to have found their groove and are working well together. The divorcees should have been booted last week but the geeks read the clue wrong and got hit with a penality. At least they had fun at the Elimination Station. (watch the video)

Starr and NIck are playing dirty and this week, karma paid them a visit. (more on that in a second)

Ken and Tina and the frat pack both tried to get to the fast forward but Ken and Tina beat them so the frat boys headed off to the road block. (Anyone thing these two will NOT be friends by the end of this?) At the road block the group had to pick a warrior who had a pattern on his face and match it to the one they chose out the box. Most teams breezed through this, and then they had to do another challenge where they had a choice of stomping kiwis to make enough juice to drink or sailing around a track in a wind fueled car. Nick and Starr were breezing through and then Starr took a nasty spill. She kept claiming she broke her arm and then GOT IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT AND DROVE AWAY! It was shocking. In the end, the blondes got booted because in a word, they were dumb.

Episode grade: B+

This week, the teams jetted off to New Zealand and were all on the same flight. Ken and Tina were lucky enough to get the fast forward

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