Friday, November 07, 2008


No, it isn't one of Madonna's hot back up dancers. This is JD from the TV show "Workout." And I had better seats than him at the Madonna concert at Dodger Stadium! Video by

So last night, some friends and I drove up to LA to see Madonna in concert. The show was amazing!! Now, you might be confused and asking your sell: How does this relate to TV?

Well it sorta surreal as dozens of TV stars showed up for the show. I spotted: Chris Kattan, Ryan Seacreast, Jillian Michaels (holding her girlfriend's hand), Ross the Intern and Hayden Paniterre.

But the one who thrilled me the most: JD from "Workout!" I worked up the nerve to talk to him and I told him that he was the best thing on the show and he smiled at me. I copped a quick feel of his biceps, the boy is built like a rock!

One thing I learned: TV makes people look taller because I was shocked at how short a lot of these folks looked!

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