Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All Oprah, all the time

Oprah, I love you girl but even you need to rest SOMETIME. Photo from Time.com

I wasn't feeling well today so I took the day off.

Time for a comfy blanket and some daytime TV. Can I just tell you that daytime TV is craptastic. I love trash but some of the stuff they were airing were horrible. I took a minute to watch Tyra and she had Janet Jackson on. But really she had Tyra's ego on and Janet Jackson. EVERY thing was about HER and so I flipped the channel.

Then there were 10,000 court TV shows and so I watched TLC and they had a bunch of cooking shows such as "Take Home Chef." He was making this tuna dish and I realized that I don't like fancy food. Give me meat and potatoes please!

And then I realized that my favorite new show "Flip That House," would be on in an hour so I decided to surf the net and then I came upon this: The Chicago Sun Times Oprah blog.

The top item was the death of Sophie. and can you believe that it actually made me cry?

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